Retain more of your profits. We consistently quote high risk merchants the best rates in the industry.


We won’t charge you a dime until you’ve started generating revenue. No setup fee on new merchant account.


We don’t trick our customers. Easy-to-understand pricing is egrained in our business model.

Clarity and Honesty

We don't trick our customers. Easy-to-understand pricing is egrained in our business model.

If your business operates within a high risk category, you’ve probably been quoted rates that exceed those of a typical merchant account. It’s true that rates will be higher, however, unless your processor specializes in ‘high risk’, they will more than likely charge you too much. Because high risk is our area of expertise, we are able to quote rates that are reasonable for your type of business.

Some processors may post rates on their websites, but it is realistically impossible to quote an accurate rate before assessing your application. We try to be as straightforward as possible with our clients when it comes to pricing – this is why we cannot guarantee a particular rate before getting to know your business.

Competitive Discount Rates – 2.2% +

We leverage our global network to keep your discount rate as competitive as possible. While it is impossible to quote an accurate rate before you submit an application, our rates typically range from 2.2% to 4.5% depending on your business category. Offshore merchant accounts will typically demand a higher rate than domestic accounts. A merchant risk assessment will allow us to quote your final discount rate. Contact us to get started!

Additional Fees

Flexible Pricing

Our flexible pricing options put you in control of your monthly statement. If you prefer a simple rate structure, we will quote you a static discount rate applicable to all transactions, including all fees. If you are comfortable with a more detailed rate structure, you can request your pricing to be broken down by card type. We make sure that every merchant fully understands their quoted rate before signing the contract.